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Link - Hello Kitty MMORPG

Wow... this will be filled with kids, anime fen, and the perverts looking for them, I am sure.


When I used to do MUDs (Bessel MUD... anyone?) in the early 1990s, I recall this one time one of the Wizards (Allon) was trying out some new module he'd built. It was something to do with armor; I can't recall what. Anyway, he had to give them unique labels, so he had them as costumes from a Rocky Horror play. Fishnet hose, garters, leather boostier, etc... so after the test, he let me keep them. The way the MUD worked, before you quit the game, you had to go to the main square in town to the one shop, and sell all your equipment for 50% of the cost you paid for it (if you paid for it, if you found/stole it, which was the point ). All your money went into an account, and when you logged back in again, you bought all new stuff. Sometimes, people would hang out in front of the shop, and sell their armor at 75% cost, because they'd lose less money, and people just coming in would get them for less than cost.

But as I was leaving the dungeon, and I was selling my "stuff" people saw this:

punkie: [... takes off garter belt]
punkie: [... takes off leather boostier]
punkie: [... takes off hot red pumps]
punkie: [... takes off sexy negligee]
punkie: [... takes off feather boa]
MUDUser1: What the heck were you doing?
MUDUser2: yeah where did U get that stuff?
punkie: That... was one HELL of a HARD dungeon!
MUDUser1: Dag.
MUDUser2: I don't want to go ther

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