punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Diet caffeine free Pepsi Cola

Diet caffeine free Pepsi Cola
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Still life, in my pathetic attempt to be even slightly like shuttergal, who takes the kind of photos one finds in expensive coffee table books.

Okay, I got a new gamera, and needed an excuse to use it and test it in my Flickr account. It's spiky with a horned head, and when it retracts its legs, it shoots fire and spins-- wait... no, I got a new CAMERA... that's right, that what I got.... It's a wee-tiny Nikon Coolpix L4. It's okay; it was cheap and not TOO cheap (on sale at Best Buy). I am sick of looking for Smart Media cards for my old camera. These take SD cards, and one 512mb card holds up to 470 pictures (according to my screen).

I hope I remember take pictures.
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