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Sweden - The Skansen Midsummer Experience

The 2006 Skansen May Pole
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As per my last entry, I couldn't sleep because it was so light outside. Well, I was pretty excited about the coming day, too. I woke up around 2, made an entry, and my $10 expired. It was also too quiet, even with the window open. I played my mp3 player for a while, and sort of half-slept until 6:30 when I slept for real until about 9:30am... too late for the breakfast buffet. Luckily, I had food from the day before to nibble on.

We met Sven and Karin at 11am in the hotel lobby, took the Tunnelbana to T Central, and then a bus to Skansen. Then we did a hell of a lot of walking. Sadly, my Converse shoes, while breathable, have NO support, and halfway through the day, my feet began to crap out. I took a TON of pictures. In a nutshell, I had a LOT of fun. I didn't eat much, didn't buy hardly anything, and saw so much instead.

It was pretty crowded; moreso than anyone expected. They stopped taking bus fare because they couldn't waste the time to check everyone's tickets. Skansen was filled with people from all cultures, so it was like being back in DC, and that was good. Kind of weird to see an Asian girl speak Swedish like a native, though. Heh.

The highlight for me was the raising of the May Pole. I can't even tell you what I felt at the time. Maybe it was energy of the crowd, yelling "Hop...pja!" (I think) at each lifting attempt. It was VERY pagan-like, and I have never been at any gathering like that, and the circle of energy was so magnificent, I almost cried. I felt this is why I came, and I had made it after searching for something all these years. The whole thing only took 30 minutes from parade to dancing around the May Pole. The dancing was incomprehensible in a crowd that size (several thousand at least), and it looked a little like a crowded rave with everyone bobbing up and down in unison, but less so because the energy wasn't as harsh as a rave. My feet hurt too much to do the Hambo or "Little Frog," but I got to see it at least. Very polka-like.

The bus and trains are great; wide, modern, and run all the time. Europe really knows how to do public transportation. MTV Europe is great, too. It sucks waaaaaaay less than MTV back home. Videos worth watching, very little rap, funny films, and ... like the MTV from my youth.

Saw South Park in Swedish. Sweet.

I ate "Polly," some candy that's like bite-sized "Charleston Chews." Eh.

I am very, very tired. My feet hurt, and I am ready for bed. Once I upload stuff, I am going to sleep. I am not going to go back and edit the all the picture titles and comments until later, maybe when my Internet connection is less expensive in Sundsvall next week. I will probably also remove a few redundant photos, as there are quite a few since I had to take shots way over my head, and when the sun was out, I couldn't see the LCD screen to see how good the photo was. I just want to upload them for safekeeping.

From late night "Schtokhulm," ... night, guys.
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