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Link - Coffins for Paranoid non-Goths

Back in the day, I had Goth friends who wanted to sleep in a coffin. At some con, I listened to some woman talk about the Goth culture and how she never had a light bulb over 15 watts, used candles where she could, wore fangs all the time, slept in a coffin, and was an executive assistant at a bank. That seemed to be kind of a non-sequiter, but the whole thing about "sleeping in a coffin" intrigued me. Another Goth friend of mine passed along the advice, "Well, they are not designed for back support, and they are kind of hard to get in and out of. You have the creep factor though, and it does make you feel safe at night if you provide good ventinaltion. You can even adujst the air quality with a filter and a humidifier if you wanted to. Might be nice if you have allergies." So, I thought that was a good idea, but then I thought, "Well, really, who would want to sleep in a coffin'like environment?" I don't have claustraphobia, but it seems most people do to some extent. So I dropped the idea.


Man, I could have made money!
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