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Sweden - Last full day in one of the best cities I have ever visited

After waking up today, CR was still not well, and although he was feeling better than the day before, he decided to stay behind while I went out with Sven and Karin to the museums. I left him with the room key and some money, and spent the day in Gammalstad ("Old Town"), the Royal Palace, and the Middle Ages Museum.

Gammalstad was mostly shopping. This led to the main square, and then the Royal Palace which was ... impressive mostly because it was the Royal Palace. I mean, you can go right up to it, and part of it is a museum. It's not like they even scan you for bombs or anything... it's almost like going into a normal shopping mall as far as how nonchalant it seems. Yeah, there are guards, but they just watch and most of the time you can't even see them. I went around the Royal Armory, and saw the history of their clothes and weapons, along with the royal family tree.

Under the Parliament, they tried to build a parking garage, but found the old city wall, so they turned it into a museum of Stockholm's medieval history. That was cool. On the way back, we did shopping and I found...

A Swedish Sci Fi shop. Oh yeah. "Science Fiction Bokhandeln," it was called. I went in and was hit in the face by something my brain couldn't handle. Walls of manga, gamers, Harajuku, and Goths (svartrockers, as they are called) all doing what we fannish people do in such shops. The fact they were Swedish was by language only. Most of the stuff was in English, but I found some Swedish stuff, and bought it. The first in a series called "Nemi," a cartoon about a Goth girl, and some Swedish Tintin, some of the titles are not available in English, like "Tintin in the Congo," which I am guessing is banned because it has some very... periodical stereotypes of Africans and hunting (for the 1930s). I hope to use these books to learn some more Swedish.

We came back early, and I stayed with CR until about 7, and then we met Sven and Karin for dinner. We then made plans for Monday. We're going to meet at 10:30 in T-Central, and then put our luggage in lockers, get on the train to Sundsvall, shop for food, wash clothes, and then from there to Karin's stuga in Indal. I don't know my Internet access from thereon, I suspect there will be none, so you may not see an entry from me until Friday or possibly later.

Recent news from America says that some people who thought they had contact with Al-Queda but didn't wanted to blow up the Sears Tower, and we now want to spy on ourselves with high-altitude airships. [shakes head].

Candy report: Cloetta's "Plop - Caffe Latte" was good. Marabou's "Pigall" tasted okay, but the one I got stuck to the wrapper pretty badly, which detracted from the candy experience.

We watched a show called "Dirty Sanchez 2: Jobs for the Boyos," on Euro MTV, and man... they make Jackass or Viva La Bam seem tame. I watched a bunch of drunken Brits burn themselves with hot stones, push tacks through their fingernails, drip bricks on one another, and they locked one of their mates in a steering wheel lock, and another swallowed the key, and had to poop it out. Yeesh.

This city truly kicks ass.
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