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Sweden - Peaceful Indal

Road out of Indal
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I wonder if the Swedes know just how good they have it here. Well, there are the mosquitos, or mygg, but apart from that, it's really quiet. We woke up late this morning, now that we are used to NOT relying on sunlight as an indicator of time. I got up at 10 am, CR didn't get up until 11:45.

My bed broke. It was an Ikea bed, but one of those portable guest beds, and Sven and Karin felt very bad an embarrassed that I didn't tell them and slept on the thin mattress on the floor. The construction was badly designed, and even though the bed didn't break as much as it gave way (I fixed it), it was not designed, we think, to support more than a 150lb person.

I went out with Sven and looked at the property, including the remnants of an old 1800s moose trap (a huge crater in the ground, been illegal for over 100 years now), an apiary complete with honeybees, some horses, goats, and lots of mygg. It ends at a steep slope that leads to a river/reservoir, which is party of a quarry for gravel. I learned that in the 1800s, there was a huge disaster here. Some loggers dug a channel to bypass some rapids, which accidentally drained a huge 150 sq km lake, and flooded everything downstream.

I have really done a lot of nothing today, which is good. It's nice being in a place where you can relax and not worry about how messy your house is getting, or some finances you have to do.

Later on, we had dinner with some neighbors and Karin's parents. They were impressed that I could pick up some Swedish, but 98% of what they said I couldn't understand a word.
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