punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Still getting used to routine

I think I got a little European fever. Not a sickness in the traditional sense, but I am finding it hard to acclimate to the US quite so easily. One of the things that ends up happening when you travel with a vegetarian and live with people who eat healthily all the time is that... it's hard to go back to a US diet. I had some of my usual fare, and got kind of ill. Then on Sunday, the humidity and poor air of the area hit my lungs like a bully waiting at the edge of a playground, and I had a massive asthma attack that knocked me out for 24 hours.

Some fresh fruit, yogurt, and knackerbrod (in the form of US versions of WASA) helped. Promise Healthy Heart is the closest I could find to "lätt & lagom med Omega 3."

I never got jet lag. Having the 24-hour daylight for 11 days really knocked out any clue I'd get from the sun for a while.

I am glad I don't have to return to work until tomorrow.
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