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This is not some veiled attempt to snub anyone having relationship problems, but I do love takayla so very, very much. I missed her a lot on the trip, and when we got back on Friday, we were too exhausted to do much of anything. I slept most of the weekend, then had the asthma, and so July 4th, we settled down to catch up on "House" reruns and stuff on our DVR... when the power went out. Well, it went on and off a lot, which sucked. My main server is down, but I don't know why (meaning, I haven't looked yet).

Man... power was out until 2am this morning, too.

Yeah, we could have seen fireworks, but we needed some alone time together, and after CR was 5, we pretty much gave up on seeing fireworks. Sure they are loud, go boom, but... eh... not worth the sweltering heat, humidity, and traffic getting in and out of whatever. But after a few hours of no air conditioning, we decided to drive around in our air-conditioned SUV. Gaaaah. Sooo huuumid... I mean, when I went outside from some air-conditioned environment, my glasses fogged over. We went to the Olive Garden because it was open. Funny, I dislike the Olive Garden. I mean, all the food is either vinegary or greasy, and my stomach hurt. My wife and son love the Olive Garden, but since I don't like it, they don't even go with me. But now I wasn't hungry, so it all worked out. I ended up ordering fried calamari anyway which didn't upset my stomach. I recall thinking the Olive Garden is as Italian as my Luau Parties represent the rich Polynesian culture. Tuscany my ass.

Then everything was closed, so we went home, where the lack of AC made it stale and miserable. I took 4 Tylenol and went to sleep while takayla read using my IT head lamp.

Work today has been busy, but mostly because of playing 2-week catchup. I love my coworkers, too. They do good work, and when stuff you left them gets borked, they fix it anyway.
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