punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

The weekend so far

This is a pretty boring entry, so try to imagine me reading it while fighting off crocodiles that shoot bullets in Matrix-style effects.

Friday night I was all set to see "Pirates of a Caribbean 2..." and I forgot I was on call. That means I have to be within 5 minutes of an Internet connection. No movie for me... :(

And I did get paged a few times Friday night. All small stuff, and I can't complain because I get paid to do this, and my current work is FAR more reasonable and easier to fix stuff (little to no bureaucracy), but... well, I hate being paged. I don't hate the people or machines, since we have fixed a lot of stuff since I have been there. The guy who ran the admin department before me and the other guy joined got paged 4-5 day, and he NEVER got away from the pager. Still... electronic leash and all.

Saturday, Jenny and Brad came by, and we went out for sushi (and I didn't get paged, woohoo!), and then we went to the Heare's house where I did get paged, but used his Internet connection, and all was well.

Brad will be working at my company starting Monday. He got the networking job!
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