punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Why I am depressed today

Cable Internet is being flaky again. This is really annoying. Now it's not so much that you have no connection, but hours of really bad connections with high packet loss. I downloaded an Ubuntu Torrent a few nights ago, and watched my d/l rate vary from 375kb/s to 3.5 kb/s. Man, the worst part of it is, I hate being "the bad guy" to call and yell at them... again. Yes, when I do, they claim nothing is wrong and LO! The problem gets "magically fixed" for a few weeks, but now it's like I have to call them a few times a month. I *HATE* yelling at people.

My biggest reason for not changing to FIOS is ... what if they are the same or worse? I have worked with Verizon, and they are not exactly the best at doing anything right, either. I worked with them back at AOL and they were notorious for no-shows and were never in a hurry to fix anything.

I finally planted the tomatoes. It an admission of horrible guilt, they got neglected due to lack of time and the fact the guest room is currently occupied and it was easy to forget about them. watered them, but they needed replanted. Two survived. I don't know if they will grow to full plants or not, but I did a lot of praying. I still have seeds saved from last year, but I don't know if I want to do this anymore: I simply do not have time and I am the only one who cares enough about them to work with them, and I don't even eat tomatoes. This depressed me to no end as each step of the road made it more difficult to plant them: storms, hoe broke, got sick, went on vacation, etc... I mean, hell, I can't even keep my lawn looking nice. I have no business gardening. I should stick to computing only.
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