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FIOS Diaries: COX, you're fired

I once had this assistant named Phillip back in my furniture days who constantly lied to staff and customers, opened late, and stole money from my store. I have always said, "I don't enjoy firing people, but he came the closest to a guilty pleasure." I fired that man in mid-lie, and he was so shocked I actually fired him, he went pale and stared to shake. I mean, come on, what did he expect.

Now I am going to fire COX. Here is my list of grievances.

  1. Their call center staff and on-site techs are incompetent, and the Level 1 techs always want to check my browser settings, even though that has nothing to do with the modem not getting signal.
  2. When I do get someone who knows what I am talking about, he's rude or indifferent. I have been put on hold for more than an hour only to get hung up one more than once.
  3. They always want to send some tech on site, and after half a dozen or so of these visits, my upstairs cable still cuts out and my Internet is still flaky. Each time they damage my house a little more with unnecessary holes, crappy wiring, sloppy work, and they never clean up. I have several of their tools, too, like a few hex wrenches, a coax cutter, and lots of spare cable.
  4. They once told me my modem was bad, and I spent $90 of my own money to replace the modem... and it wasn't my modem. They don't know shit. It may seem petty, but this incident REALLY pissed me off.
  5. And almost every visit ends with them saying it's not a problem in my house. Yeah, no duh. And I have found by yelling and escalating over the phone, I can convince them it's on their end, and while they insist it isn't, within hours, the problem "mysteriously" goes away for about a week.
  6. These outages are now so frequent, that it's affecting our jobs and ability to work at home.
  7. The fact half my block now has satellite is evidence they are sick of this as well. I don't want satellite for various reasons (I used to test satellite connections with SatMex and G4R, I know how bad it can get), but FIOS is now available for my home.

The honorable takayla will be ordering Verizon FIOS today. I have a massive fear that I am trading one devil for another, but at this point, I am desperate. I know COX does not work, so I hope FIOS is at least slightly better. The reviews for Northern Virginia installs have a lot more good reviews than bad, and to get the same TV/Phone/Internet... it will save about $30/mo for faster Internet, two DVRs, and we'll have the TV in the guest room hooked up again.

I plan to have some pictures of the progress for the curious.

COX... you're fired. You're so fired. Fired, fired, FIRED!!! Get out! You don't even get a copy of our home game, you are a complete LOSER!

That felt cathartic.
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