punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

FIOS Diaries: A good sample of COX Internet service

COX Cable in Fairfax completely sucks. If anyone wants to know why we're going to FIOS, here's why. This is a sample of my Nagios report on my cable connection from the outside pinging in. I would have also had the inside going out, but the timeouts have been so frequent, that it's mostly red. This is a more accurate sampling of when it's actually DOWN HARD. During these times, we see the modem seeking signal. COX says it's our browser settings. Really? We've had so many techs sent out over the years, it's not even funny. Each time the break the connection a little more.

Even when it is up, look at the RTA speeds. 57, 62, 92, 178... most of the time I am getting less than 100kbps download. Gaming is impossible, and web browsing involves hitting F5 a lot.

Click the image for details. The sample is for this month. The period it was up for 5 days was right after I called, yelled at them, and got a refund for a month's worth of non-service. This is a typical pattern.
Tags: cable, cox, fios, fired, internet, verizon
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