punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

FIOS Diaries: Another COX complaint

I called COX again today, and bitched about the Internet because it's been really bad for the last two days during daylight hours (after 9pm, it seems to get better). Sadly (for me, the woman seemed happy to get rid of me), their ticketing system was not working, so they could not help me. But it reminded me of another thing they can't get right.

Okay, COX has this problem with our PIN number. We don't have one. Well, we do, but they keep changing it back and forth. Why I need a PIN number to discuss an outage is beyond me, but they're just $7/hr drones, I know. Stick to the script. When we set up COX in 2000, they had no PIN. Then they made it mandatory, and we had PIN #1, which was a default for those who did not set one up, but then they wouldn't let us have a default, so I chose one, PIN #2. Then they sent us a letter that said our PIN had changed because we got phone service, and that's PIN #3. At some point, they asked takayla to choose a PIN and so that's PIN #4.

When I call, the PIN is one of those 4 numbers. It's a guess which PIN it is. Many times, they tell me all of those 4 numbers are wrong! A few times, they tell me I am not authorized to call because takayla's name is on the bill, and not me. Usually, I have to keep calling until I get someone who will let me complain about the service, irregardless of PIN or my name.


GOD, I hate them!
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