punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

This weekend

Well, so far. Friday I didn't do much, but ended up at a bar late at night with Brad, takayla, and anyarm. Saturday, I did even less, and felt great relaxing, until I got a cluster migraine attack. I don't think I left bed much. Re-installed Sim City 4, played some of that. Wrote some more. Installed Kubuntu on a laptop, tried to get NVidea to work on it... no dice. Gave up without trying very hard.

I read a lot of my diary from 2003-2004. I half expected it to sound whiny, but then I relived the horrors of the last few years, and I am very grateful whatever curse descended upon me was lifted.

Sunday, Chance came over and helped me with the yard. It's nice to have her here once in a while, too. We also are watching all the Harry Potter films because anyarm has not seen them all, or read the books.
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