punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Today is already one of those days.

I didn't get enough sleep last night. I had to toss out Latte, who was meowing and knocking things over. We normally keep the bedroom door shut because it keeps the bedroom cooler and the cats all have to come in for the night. Latte, apparently did not want to spend the night in the room. Taboo kept staring a an meowing at nothing at the wall, but that stopped when the lights went out.

I woke up this morning and notice at some point, some cat(s) had knocked all this stuff off my nightstand. Including my work badge, which at some point, got dragged into Ahfu's crate. I suspect a cat did this over the weekend, although I am not sure how it got into Ahfu's crate.

This was the start of what made me late to work.

So, I get on the Metro, and already it's pretty hot. The cars were air-conditioned, but they can't possibly keep up with the temperature, which is expected to cross 100 degrees. I saw that in Minnesota, it's in the mid-90s, and I feel for those people; they are so not used to that kind of heat. I remember how my relatives suffered when it got to 80 in Northern Sweden. But the train was... interesting. Usually during the morning commute I am surrounded by people in suits and the like, but the train was packed with people who opted to wear very heat-conscious clothing. Well, okay, as far as Americans are concerned. Desert people know that light, loose and flowing clothing that covers your whole body is better against sun and the like, but people around here just wear less and risk the skin cancer (TIC). One side effect was that as I was sitting in front of the Metro map, many people bent down to look at the map. Cleavage right in my face and all. I looked away to be polite, but I keep smirking to myself why this shit is wasted on me. I wish I could "bottle" these sorts of moments and trade them with some friends who would kill to have young lady's bewbies in their face.

What's with that "that color" of bra, ladies? You know, like a light tan/beige that only comes in lady's undergarments? I call it "I haven't washed my bra in 90 days" color. I know you buy them that color, but it just looks dirty right off the rack.

On the plus side, I noticed some ladies were fun with stuff like red and polka-dots, and my favorite was the girl in a very vanilla professional business blouse with a bra that was black with silver rings, studs, and maroon lace. I'd like to think she was a dominatrix on the way to a client.

Anyway, all 12 year old giggling aside, I got off at Metro Center and it was stinking hot. It was probably only a little less than 80 degrees, but the humidity was suffocating, and the air smelled like wet asphalt on a hot day, with a hint of rust. Walking through there was like walking through a bunch of curtains. Luckily, a train pulled up just as I got to the platform. Sadly, when that train wasn't running slow, it stopped. It seemed like those trains that eventually they make you get off of, but this train moseyed on to Silver Spring, where it was chaotic.

More late to work.

I am not sure why all those people were there, but as I muscled my way down to the exit, I was assaulted by people handing out flyers about some tax reform. The heat was suffocating, but got better as I went uphill.

That's when I heard the helicopters. Helicopters are NEVER a good sign in this area. Especially news helicopters. This time, there were two of them circling around where I work, and I thought... "Uh oh..." I thought accident, murder, terrorist attack, something of that nature...

But it turns out, as you can see by the previous post, there's a huge shark stuck in the Discovery Building, clogging traffic as people stop to look at it. Now, I have to admit, that's pretty cool, albeit geeky, and just adds more suspicion to, "Where does a Science Channel get all that money?" Seriously. I mean, AOL had some lavish stuff, but nothing like this. Just in the last few months, they have hired people to put huge posters on the sides of the building, there's always limos going in and out with guards and stuff (the lobby is protected by armed guards), and now this huge display. You can't tell me the Discovery Channel gets all of this revenue in just ads.

So I get to work, and the company we hire to set up our customer database has been down since Sunday, screwing up the ticket queue. There are a lot of backlogged tickets, angry customers, and so on. Also, today is the "Let's make sure our stuff is updated," (Windows patches, Linux kernel audits, and the like). And we have a new customer's server we need to set up. Today is the day I usually run backup tapes. And one of the admins is out today. It's been non-stop.

My Mozilla Weather plugin stopped showing pretty clouds and a sun, and replaced it with an angry red thermometer. The data center is past critical, and we're worried about the fire system at this point.

Did I mention all my tomatoes died? Yeah. I suck.
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