punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

My highlight today so far

No, not that bathroom incident, but a homeless guy ranting at the shark head in front of the Discovery building. I couldn't make out what he said, but it seemed to be about the Mark of the Beast. I think it was a homeless guy I dubbed, "Gandalf" (usually he dresses in garb similar to a Hollywood wizard), but since he wasn't wearing the huge green coat and hat, I wasn't sure. He did have a staff, though. Usually "Gandalf" is in his green coat and wide-brimmed hat, using his staff to rant at people leaving busses at Silver Spring Metro. This old guy is very religious in nature, but he's hard to understand because his voice is low and clogged with phlegm while he rants from his leathery face and gray beard.

I have no idea why him yelling at a shark head was so funny. There was something so... innocent in this act, like a kitten who thinks its reflection is another kitten and arches its back. It reminded me of something I said back when I was a teen (early 80s) when I used to comment, "Teddy Ruxpin, just 100 years ago, would have been burned as an artifact of witchcraft." How this man, whom I really don't pity nor think he is any lesser of a being, has transformed this inflated gray bag with a goofy shark face into a idol. I mean, what if he's right? Maybe one of the signs of the Beast is the worship of a graven man-eater on the side of a building.

Shark Tail Shark Tail

Oh, and I took a picture of the tail for ya'll today. The whole thing is inflated by air, similar to those inflatable sculptures you see now in lawns during the holidays. It's held in place by many ropes, giving the setup a kind of "Gulliver in Lilliput" kind of vibe to it. I also took one of the homeless guy ranting at the head, but it didn't come out. Probably for the best.

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