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One of the shitty things about when the air gets like this is us asthmatics have a tough time doing normal things, even indoors. It's partly because not enough oxygen gets into your system. Not to mention these cluster migraines, while subsiding, have left me feel like I just lost a bar fight and I just woke up in an alley without my jacket or wallet. I am so tired and so weak, I keep getting "stupid" injuries because my reaction time is nearly cut in half, which impairs my typing, and so on.

It's also making me depressed.

Yesterday, takayla and I had a wonderful inner with daecabhir (could you have a harder LJ name to spell, please?), and by "wonderful," I mean the company... not "Sweethearts," the restaurant we ate at. It used to be Beacon Street Grill, but the owner shut the place down, fired the lackluster staff, and for the last six months or so, built this place into a "local Virginia faire" kind of atmosphere that... oh, it doesn't matter. It sucks. The staff is still lackluster, and the food was very bad. My "Virginia fried chicken" was cooked just before it burned so that the crispy coating was more like grape nuts. I ordered dark meat, and got white, and the chicken was so dry, I feared salting it because they only gave you drinks in small glasses packed with ice. The potatoes were sprinkled with rosemary, but they had been microwaved, so the rosemary sprigs were like minute strips of leather. I got to tell daecabhir my Gene Wolfe/Joe Mayhew story, and he explained to us some of the current politics in Balticon, which don't shock me much anymore. I explained to him my "why I won't run a convention."

Did I tell you I really, really, REALLY miss FanTek cons?

I did a very "grown up" thing today; attended a sales-schmooze thing from Veritas to our company. Nothing else worth noting, except they seemed like good people and they paid for my lunch. I still find myself in these situations thinking, "Man... what am I doing here? This is what GROWN UPS do..." I'll never feel mature.

One last note, it was sixteen years ago that I watched the most surreal thing ever happen in my whole life. I have seen some weird stuff, like human levitation, poltergeists, Las Vegas, Trekkies quoting episode numbers in a fight, and things that I never talk about because they are just too weird. But sixteen years ago, I watched a bunch of people cut open my wife and pull out a small infant like a magic trick. Live. Just a few feet away from me while I pretended to be a doctor because some midwives tried to sneak me into the operating room.

Happy birthday, CR. You made it this far despite it all.
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