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FIOS Diaries: The day has arrived.

So, "Mitchell" from Verizon is by, a friendly guy who seems to be enough of a professional to deal with on a comfortable level. I didn't get that with COX very much, although I can't say all their techs were morons: just most of the latter ones. He came by at 9am, as promised in his 8am call, and I showed him where everything was, as well as told him the history of the house. He explained the same thing Verizon said over the phone and on their website.

Part 1 of "Punkie's fear" has been dismissed: the fear no one would show up. This is a CHRONIC problem with Verizon, ever since I worked back at AOL. They frequently just didn't show up for reasons that were never explained, or explained in terms that suggested they were making something up on the spot. Often, they don't even know someone didn't arrive. At my new job, I listened in on a sales meeting where a new customer was in jeopardy of leaving us because he kept showing up to let Verizon into his new building, and Verizon didn't show, or showed up a day early or a day late. But not for me today, at least.

Mitchell understands enough that I know how to deal with the computer end of things. I respect that. He doesn't blow me off, and seems relieved he can talk tech speak to me. I only hope my gesture of good faith and belief in his work ethic doesn't screw me over.

COX did not release our phone number, but Mitchell said this was normal, and said they probably won't release it until the end of this billing cycle. So Mitchell is not going to hook up our phone today, but said he'd keep COX hooked up. This seems fishy, since I thought they were all on the same line. Verizon came by Monday to do the Fiber drop, and in the process, accidentally disconnected us from cable/Internet/phone with one cut. They hooked us back up, but takayla had to do a lot of yelling.

We have Internet. It was as promised on their website, complete with super-duper Actiontech router, which I suspect is Linux-based, due to the "kernel.log" that shows up in the system logs. For instance:

daemon.warn cLink: clink0: ioctl(DRV_GET_MY_NODE_INFO) failed, res=-1: Bad address. [repeated 4 times, last time on Jul 28 15:17:17 2006]

The router has all web-based tools, but they are pretty thorough. I can't get port forwarding to work, though. I may have to enlist some help, or just geek out tonight with it.

TV works. Mostly. They have the picture working, but the data streams don't work, so none of the data stuff shows up, like guide, info, and so on. Mitchell is working hard to try and fix this.

Get this: not only is the picture incredibly clear compared to COX digital cable, but the guy got the TV in the guest room working again (after years of tech visits since COX's digital "upgrade," they gave up and said it was bad wiring or "something... dunno what, it just won't work"). So far, the TV in the bedroom works, but there's a problem with it passing through the DVD Player.

Well, Mitchell has gone home, and here's the score so far:

- Internet. Works fast. Still working on Port Forwarding issue with router (my PEBCAK, IMHO) so I can ssh from the outside.
- TV in guest room. Picture and sound works. No data (guide, DVR, etc).
- Big TV in rec room. Picture and sound works with no blur or static like the old cable, but has same no data issue.
- TV in our bedroom. Works with crystal clear picture, no stutters, pixelation, or random channel drops like COX, but has same no data issue. There's also a problem where the DVD player no longer works because the "TV inputs" and messed up.
- Phone. Not hooked up yet because COX won't release the phone number. We won't have to be home for the switch when we get our number back.

The "no data" issue stems from the fact they're doing a database/software upgrade today, and when the data channel came on briefly in the bedroom, the installer said things looked a little different than it used to.
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