punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

"Is that Freedom Rock? Then turn it up man!!!"

Friday night I got to enjoy FIOS TV and Internet with my beloved. It was so nice to have TV in the bedroom that didn't wink out at random intervals. We have to re-memorize the channel numbers, though. "I never memorized the old ones," said takayla with the kind of smugness that encourages teasing her dog with a laser pointer. I can attest to this slacker behavior, because we have had the same channel numbers for years, and she still didn't know where most of them were.

Saturday, we slept in a little. I slept more, because my dulcet darling had to go out for her usual Weight Watcher routine. After I got up, I got ready for the main day's event: Scarlet's birthday party. Which meant bowling.

The day reminded me I should really take up bowling. I don't bowl well, my scores range from 80 to 140. I did 121 and 108 yesterday. But when I looked at their tournament scores, I saw that their champion had racked 178, which seems an achievable goal. The biggest issue I have is that I don't bowl properly. I use an overhand method I taught myself one day as a teenager. This causes the ball to bang and slide with almost no spin, but I think might be a little damaging to the alley, and it's harder to control the actual path. More than once I got unfair scores because they had the bumpers up for the kids. While watching others bowl who looked like they knew what they were doing, I noticed the did some kind of run, bend, and cross hand throw. Not that their scores were much better than mine (one guy a few lanes away who was very graceful had a score of 145 and 151), but I think my overhand "by the will of God" throw can only take me so far. The next issue is a pair of bowling shoes and a ball that is a good weight for me, yet has finger holes big enough. But I don't want to buy any of this unless I bowl on a regular basis.

I had a great time bowling.

I also got to spend time with Chance and her cousin Jessica, where we went for a jaunt around the forest in the back of her house. That was quite a workout, but it was worth it because Chance found this very special place in the woods. I was really happy she shared that with me, because it showed how we think on the same wavelength. Then we went back to their house to open presents, and we got Scarlet a kid's digital camera. Indestructible, I was told. Good reviews on Amazon. She liked it right away, so we scored pretty big there.

Sunday was laundry day, and by that, I mean there were about 10 loads of laundry that needed to be sorted, washed, folded, and put away. Laundry would be best accomplished if it was done every 2 days, but that never happens, so it just piles up. I got abut 6 loads done, which fell shorter than my target, which didn't even include blankets.
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