punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

We're sorry... the number you have dialed is in my pants

In other news, I have been getting a SLEW of wrong numbers on my cell phone. Not just the usual ones looking for "Tyrone" (yes, I still get a few of those every year - I have had the number since 1996, doesn't matter), but a slew of different numbers. While writing this entry, I got a call for a district manager for a supermarket chain, and another looking for "Katrina." Over the weekend, I had several voice mails for someone from Sears, requesting callbacks on the delivery of their recent order. Sick of this, I called back at the number, which confirmed the order via automated response! So I had to call and go through a voice menu to get a person to remove me as a contact on the account and not deliver on the date (I never did find out what this woman in North Carolina ordered, but they had MY number right, just not hers). In the last few weeks, I have had several people who didn't speak English, two VoIP spam Spanish voice recordings, someone from social services looking for a fax number to my law office, a child looking for her mom, a pizza place trying to order supplies, someone trying to reach a hotel in Reston, and the rest were, "Sorry, wrong number" or just hung up without saying anything. The area codes vary, and when I ask, "what number were you calling?" some of them are my number, others are not even close. Most don't tell me what number they dialed, and apart from Sears, never call back.


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