punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Writing "Between the Lines" - 11,857 words in 2 chapters

I didn't get a chance to start anything Tuesday because my head hurt from some weird sinus thing, and I actually blacked out a LOT of stuff that happened. Nothing bad, but there were TV shows I watched and informative conversations I totally don't remember. Half of Aug 1st's posts I remember I did write, but it seems weird, like someone else wrote it in my style.

Anyway, the point of this post is, I started writing at 8pm or so, and now it's suddenly 1:30 am the next day. Holy cow. I couldn't stop, and I was stunned to see I had written almost twelve thousand words in less than six hours. To be fair, half this story I wrote before, so it's just writing the plotline from memory, and looking to my previous writing for names and some, "What did I do here? Oh yeah..." Half of this has just been retelling something I have held in my head for years. When I did, "We Three Gatekeepers," I had to make it all up on the fly, so there was a lot of sitting around and thinking. I estimate I'll have 30k done by the end of the weekend, and then the rate will slow as I head into "unwritten territory." This is where I got stuck before, and I will let the story flow.

The text does flow better the fourth time around. The first time, I loved it, but then lost part of it in a hard drive crash. Then I wrote a second version, but got lost halfway through the book, which forced me to write an outline, which I used for the third version with a lot of rewriting. The third version didn't even get past chapter 4. :( Stupid outline got me trapped between "Stick to the map!" and "But the story isn't going that way!" Now I'll be like, "Head for this goal, any way you see fit." I'd like to make this 100k words or more.

This could work. :)
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