punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Today is teh suck

I am tired, sore, and can't breathe. This is due to 4 hours sleep, ozone, heat, asthma, and my back still hurts from hauling a 60lbs 4u server from a rack that was about head level to a hand truck on the floor which kept scooting away. Monday evening, I had to go to Secret Squirrel Server Place (the uber-secure data center where we have a colo in Ashburn), and remove two systems. I was not told one of them would be so heavy and so high up. I didn't hurt anything severely, and I wouldn't even say I more than slightly strained my back, but it feels worse because of the other issues mentioned.

Plus I have been running around, back and forth, from lab to desk to data center over and over for a server install due tomorrow, and then I had a business lunch with my boss and a top sales guy, which sent us walking in downtown Silver Spring, where the air is hot, and the ozone is thick.

I have taken my inhaler so much, my toes are cold, my fingers and lips are tingling, and I feel very woozy. The world spins from time to time, and twice I felt I would fall down from sheer dizziness, but I don't know if that's real or just some psychosomatic hysteria ("OMG, I am SOOO sick!").

Yes, I have been drinking water! [stupid FanTek cult knee-jerk response]

So far, 90 oz of it. My pee is clear, yo. I ate, too, so that's not it. I just need to sleep for 20 hours in a cool, dark room, and I'll be fine. I am so glad I get off work in 45 minutes.

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