punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Quote - Australia... danger danger danger!

I have always liked this quote from Chicago Reader's Cecil Adams, when asked if Australian Dingos were really that dangerous (as in, "A deengo took the buy-bee!"):

Why pick on dingoes? In Australia you've got your choice of horror stories. The saltwater crocodile, for example, will attack even when unprovoked. The tentacles of the box jellyfish supposedly contain enough poison to kill three adults. Of the world's top 25 venomous snakes, Australia has 21, including sea snakes with venom two to ten times as deadly as a cobra's. The cassowary, a large tropical bird, has a daggerlike forward toe it uses for kicking. Some cone shells contain a mix of toxins that can cause pain, paralysis, and collapse. Fairy penguins have been known to maul tourists (try explaining that to the folks back home). A thousand species of Australian plants are toxic to livestock and humans. And let's not forget skin cancer and Vegemite. Australia, land of wonders!

Wonder anybody lives to age seven.
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