punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Writing "Between the Lines" - 33,759 words in 5 chapters

I made my 30k goal for the end of the weekend with some extra breathing room. I have now nearing what I have called "the edge of known writing." Think of it this way: have you ever taken a trip on a train or bus, and as you leave your familiar area, you are now in that part you have been to a few times in your life, but nothing further? Yeah, I am on the outskirts of town. Where I left off with my "draft 3" of my previous works, I have started to run into parts that were nothing more than the ragged end of notes and chunks of disconnected paragraphs.

New territory.

This also reminds me why I stopped: my life sucked around this time. Those who go through my previous entries might know about the various family deaths, money problems, work politics, and health issues I kept running into. One paragraph in particular had the note, "Need to flesh out this character some more, after Brenda's funeral." Another was, "forgive me, I wrote this while I was sick."

The rate which I am writing will slow considerably, since I'd say about 10k of my 33k works were cut-and-pasted from the original works, although I went through each line and edited them since a few things had changed. I also have scraps of notes for other chapters I am keeping in mind.
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