punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Writing "Between the Lines" - 51,237 words in 9 chapters

Man, I am bushed. I just changed the order of some "snippets" I had, so the story flows a bit more smoothly, but it's obvious that I will have to go through the story and flesh it out when I am done. There's a lot of point where characters do things with jagged discontinuity, which seriosuly needs to be sorted out because one of the main characters IS a discongruous person, a kind of perky ditz on the outside, a cunning and crafty person on the inside. She has to stand out, and create an air of mystery as to why she does things, while the others look more logical in their behavior. But it's late, and I am getting silly. I actually wrote this:

Misabel took a few moments to realize everyone was waiting for her. "What? My life story? Oh, for the love of... okay. Here's the glorious story. I warn you, it's not pretty..."

Misabel then told a story so haunting and sad that I dare not tell anyone else.

Just kidding.

[yes, I am removing that part. Ha ha, hello reader!]

I put that there so if I forget to go back and edit it, I will know I need to add stuff here.
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