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More ranting on the TSA

I have tried to summarize how I feel about the TSA, and I think the TSA is a good example of what I think is going wrong since 9/11.

People must think the TSA wand is a fairy wand: it can magically erase all the bad guys. No. It can't. There are no guarantees in life. What I am really scared of is that one of these blow-em-up pieces of virgin-fodder is going to get a clue from previous attacks in Israel and the IRA: why stop at the plane? No really. What's to stop them from just walking up to the TSA, where hundreds of people are lined up and trapped, and blowing them all up? Just as easy as blowing up in a market or cafe or a bus or a metro underground or a checkpoint. Even better, have decoy #1 run past the TSA, forcing the entire airport to evacuate, and then blow up the huge throngs of people standing outside with the real deal?

This is the problem: these people exist to create terror, and us soft-bellied Americans are all scared and feel entitled and boo-hoo we got to suffer what half the world has been suffering since suicide bombers were invented. What we have to do is sigh, toughen up, and just accept these people as inevitable as a natural disaster like mudslides and tornados. We used to be strong and say that the Constitution would protect us, but fuck all, a lot of citizens are just rolling over and taking it. That's what pisses me off the most. So many people give over their basic rights, their power as citizens, to a bunch of people in uniforms who tell them that they are doing stuff for their own safety. I was raised to not take candy from strangers; I bet a bunch of these people would take candy from strangers ... in a uniform.

I wish I could say some impacting statement with a soundtrack from Danny Elfman behind me that we should all just rebel. Just all of us say, "No. This is stupid. We're angry, being abused by people who don't know what they are doing, and we're not going to take it anymore!" Some sit-down protest. Refuse to fly. That sounds so simple, but the truth is, and I hate this, is that not only will a lot of people be too scared to do so, but in reality, this is part of how terror works. The terrorists are doing all this for one reason: to get their point across by terrorizing people. These people come from shit-poor areas where death is common, life is cheap, and freedom is given to those who have the most weapons. We'll never get across to them. We can never undo a whole life's worth of training. But the part that they know is that they are so jealous that we just can do what we want and get away with it. They hate us like some dieters hate fat people (because we can eat what we want, right? oooooh!). It's not about religion, really, but revenge, and that's what it's turning to. And they want to see us "down in the mud" with them, so to speak. So they use tactics that decades of street justice has taught them: rebellion. Get the populace to overthrow their leaders and descend into chaos. We got a lot of people scared who want their "mommy" in the form of the current administration and we got people who aren't kids anymore who don't want a "mommy" telling them what to do. I don't want to use impacting terms like "civil war," but we're pretty divided, and this just adds fuel to the fire.

So here we are, hadn't been attacked on the mainland since 1812. Got huge ponds on both sides to give us distance. Only way to get back at us is to hit us at our main links to the rest of the world: flight. It's got some deep psychological attachments to it. They think of us in terms of roads and money. Hit us where we travel and what things cost. They want to starve us out like the Romans used to starve people out of forts and other hiding places. Old and basic tactics.

And we're just eatin' it like it was a Christmas ham. The current administration is so corrupt, I just stand in shock with my mouth agape. Haliburton. Civil rights being trampled on. Using fear to rule. It's amazing. Maybe I read too much or study history too hard, but I can see where this is sliding. And I don't like it. There was a reason, once, why students were required to read Orwell. But the lesson was lost among the mediocrity of a poorly-funded educational system. Students Cliff-noted their way to a grade, and teachers couldn't give any more time to really reach the students and say why Big Brother was bad. Hell, I think half the kids think "Big Brother" was just the sibling of the protagonist, if they even knew what protagonist meant.

So this is what it boils down to: the TSA is the perfect example of the error on both sides: bad decisions mixed with people who want to give up liberty for safety. Some leering TSA guy gropes your wife's tits? Who do you complain to? Who's held accountable? Do you think he'll get fired? And what will they do to prevent that? Is their any pride or work ethic? Do these people know what awesome power they have and use it responsibly? No. They are people who make $8/hr to deal with you, the hassle. They no more represent the system than a snowflake does in an avalanche.

I see a day where we're going to have to disrobe, wear "airplane gowns," get X-rayed, be forced to sit in rooms and told where to go and what to do, and if you complain, you'll be banned as a "troublemaker." AND NO TALKING!

I am so angry at this whole thing, I don't know what solution to give.
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