punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Writing "Between the Lines" - 53,683 words in 11 chapters

I'm slowing down. I ended up getting hung up in a party at our house last night; not that I didn't enjoy it, but I spent a lot of time with the Heare kids because... they are kind of relaxing (is that the sound of stodgycat laughing?). Maybe I am just a kid; around Chance I feel kind of like I am with my own kind. I miss fandom.

Anyway, today, a visitor from out of town is staying overnight. I haven't gotten permission to say who it is, but I'll let you guess it's one of my 98 LJ friends. :-D So no writing anymore until tomorrow evening, I suppose.

Less any time I get paged from work.

A small note: one of the things is that this story does have kind of a surprise ending. I keep writing in hints, but I don't know what hints I should leave or are too obvious. The twist at the end is pretty amazing, which I can not hint towards at all, but then I have to worry about how much I am giving away about any character without obvious deception. "Oh, what she told so-and-so was a lie, she's really so-and-somebody-other... ha-HA!" seems kind of cheap unless I leave SOME hints, or it will look incongruous. I want to pull off the difficult task of making the reader go, "Oh... ha ha... I should have seen this coming, how clever!"

Sigh... my ego.
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