punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Writing "Between the Lines" - 63,954 words in 14 chapters

Almost the 65k mark. I would have won NaNoWriMo at this level. I am now visiting a very sad area where I have to try and recall a bunch of notes lost in a hard drive failure. :(

At least a lot of stuff is coming together. My goal is still in perfect sight, and the plausability is intact. There's a lot of dreck, though. My first editing will be brutal. Whole conversations will be slain and lay bleeding, I am sure. Right now, half of the story lies about like a badly-laced shoe; like a pair of mismatched Converse Chuck Taylors where a drunken punk girl tried to thread the lace through blurry eyelets, missed many of them, ended up knotting far more than she should have... and the tongue is still sticking out at a funny angle.

I heard apeyanne wants a copy. I respect her better than that! My friends don't deserve the punishment that is this first copy. Third draft, maybe... :D
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