punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Two awesome things I found today

There's no theme here, but my first find is a great idea: lullabies for kids via cover bands of famous artists. It's called Babyrock Records. Get this, they have lullabies for babies, but they are covers for various musical artists, like Pink Floyd, Radiohead, Coldplay... plus some new releases of the songs of Bjork, the Beatles, and a few more artists due out over the next few months. But it's not just some guy in a basement with a $40 synth, it's really good studio-quality stuff with lots of synthesized glockenspiels, chimes, vibraphones... samples included. A little on the Perky Goth haunted side; paging ninjacooter, this is definitely our style.
Second, and this is earmarked for ironkite, introducing the CVA615 Coffee System! Wall mounted and automatic, this machine grinds, brews, steams, froths, and takes up about as much wall space as an oven in your kitchen.
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