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Writing "Between the Lines" - 76,760 words in 16 chapters

Man, I am not happy. I had some cavities drilled today, and they found some more. The dentist seemed sure of himself that I was going to spend several thousand dollars on a bridge, as usual, and said he wasn't going to fill two of the cavities until I got a bridge. Yes, I need two bridges for the right side of my mouth ever since that idiot with the ladder smashed out my back teeth in late 1996 (he was carrying a stepladder on his shoulder, and as I was exiting an elevator, the foot of the ladder hit my face which ruined about $2000 of root canal and dental work I had just had done a month before, and I was too poor to get it all repaired). But I don't have several thousand dollars to pay for them. Telling me, "these are important," does not make me any richer, like I have six grand lying about doing nothing. Scaring me with tales of what will happen if I don't get them fixed soon still does not put money in my pocket. And unless someone is willing to pay for it or the dentist does it for free, I literally cannot have them done. End of story. If anyone in my comments section has a horror story to tell, or some moral point about how someone they knew didn't get it looked at and died of painful puppy-killing head rot, it better come with a check, that's all I am saying.

In any case, I wrote because I couldn't eat, and I am miserable. Funny, where he drilled does not hurt. The tooth is stiff, but doesn't hurt. My jaw popped out of socket during the procedure (not his fault) and THAT hurts. Same with where he injected the novocaine, but that always hurts.

At least my writing is flowing. I don't know where it's going at the moment, but it's flowing evenly, and that's actually a good thing. I should go to bed, now, however.

If I can sleep.

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