punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Writing "Between the Lines" - 79,198 words in 17 chapters

Seen on a pickup truck today:
Silence is golden
but duct tape is silver

I am now coming to a peak at my story, at this point I have set up all my characters and situations, now it's time to wind it all down, tie it all up, and perform the magic that is the end result. This is the hill that the roller coaster pauses before starting the final drop that carries the reader to, hopefully, a thrilling conclusion. I would say I am 2/3rds done with my book's first draft, which was quite a hill, but this will be the first of several books in this theme, if it gets picked up, and probably even if it doesn't.

I would like to cross 100k in 23 - 26 chapters before TCEP (the weekend after next), but we shall see. I estimate that the first draft will be about 110k words, and then after a lot of working through, fixing up, and meddling, the second or third draft will be about 150k. Sure, word count is pretty meaningless, but I have to have some level of measurement to show progress, even if it is kind of abstract.

Some of what I have done already means "We Three Gatekeepers" will have to be changed a little, but not much. I am very glad I did that story, it's been helping flesh out some of my backgrounds.

I sure miss my notes and snippets that got corrupted in my server crash last year, though.
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