punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Writing "Between the Lines" - 90,526 words in 20 chapters

Some of you may know about the various work related problems we have had, and they are still going. It's consumed us. I worked until 12:30am Saturday morning, some of Saturday afternoon, and the other admins worked Saturday and Sunday after leaving work late on Friday. I haven't felt much like writing, although I did cross 90k on Sunday. I wanted to be at 100k, but I'm not. The goal of 100k by the end of the month is not impossible, but slipped further away. Finishing the book seems even farther, even though I am just over 3/4ths along with the story. I still estimate the first draft will end near 110k words.

Tomorrow I work from home as a plumber fixes the disaster in my kitchen. I am taking advantage of this by fixing other things among the leaking, like fixing a drain that was badly fitted with the last owner's attempt to install a garbage disposal, removal of an Amway water filter, and getting a newer, nicer faucet. The leaking is still damaging the ceiling in the rec room, which is already stained from the former badly-installed deck I replaced.

We're going to try and attend TCEP (which we already paid for), but we haven't found a dog sitter, so we'll probably be there one day only, most likely Saturday.
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