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I feel really bad about this entry, but it's bugging me late at night while I work on restoring more stuff from backup. I am working from home, and it's almost 1:30am.

I caught a few glimpses of Episode II: Attack of the Clones last Sunday. It was pretty bad a fourth time around. There were some good scenes, don't get me wrong, but... damn, there is some bad acting! It's hard for me to stomach Hayden Christensen's portrayal of a tortured soul, and comes across as whiny and stilted instead. His dark side seems impotent and childish. Some other actors and actresses, like Natalie Portman, have done better in other films, even as kids. I particularly like her on SNL's skit, Jamba Juice.

But the worst has to be Daniel Logan as a young Boba Fett. Don't get me wrong, I am I am not just saying Boba Fett was a merchandising gimmick gone awry for Star Wars nerds in the 70s: he was that, too. But Daniel Logan's acting was deplorably underwhemling. It was like he was reading his lines, not acting them.

This leads to fan films, some of which have the same acting talent pool. I am not sure what qualifies someone who acts like they are acting. Maybe it's the lack of expression, the unbelievable lines, or the nonchalance of going through over-rehearsed emotions without feeling. It's even worse when people are trying to act powerful and evil, for some reason. Like, "Ha ha! I'll get back at those people in my gaming group who said I had ugly dice! Ha HA! ACTING!!"

Someone I know is going into acting at a young age. I am not sure how good she is, but I plan to spend time with her as a sort of acting coach. I may not be the best actor, but at least I can show her what bad acting is. It will start with, "Don't do this..." Then some rehearsing and improv. This will also be a lesson for me as to what makes bad acting from good acting.

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