punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

I have a working kitchen again

I stayed home for the plumber, who came in around 12:30. He was nice; an older guy with white hair, a white beard, and a tattoo of Michigan J. Frog on one leg and Scooby Doo on the other. He rescues Great Danes, and likes animals. A bit upset at my whole kitchen sink situation, however. Previous owners' work strikes again.

It's pretty bad. All the valves are rusted out. The jury-rigging of plumbing was far more complicated than it should be (I thought so), and we think the ice maker was leaking (not the dishwasher). He took a reciprocating saw to some of the pipes, and we had a lot of lime buildup; one which looks a bit like a small hornet's nest was built around one valve. The faucet fixture was so rusted, he had to cut it in half just to get to some of the bolts, only to cut them off as well. He put his whole back into a lot of the work, and earned his pay.

He kept saying over an over, "My... GOD!" and "This is a new one on me...!"

But we have a working new faucet (with sprayer), removed old water filter, and working drain. The ice maker is now making ice again, and it's... worth it, I guess. This cost me a LOT. He was here for 5 hours. Sometimes it's just worth the great peace of mind to have a professional do something while you just sit back and learn. Then again, it cost me TCEP. We're coming for a day, but Saturday only. :(
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