punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Writing "Between the Lines" - 100,116 words in 23 chapters

So I did make it to my 100k mark, but I am only about 80-85% finished. Maybe closer to 85%, but there's a gap between where I want this story to go and where I am now, but it's only a chapter away... I think.

Some of what I have written is utter crap.

I am not terribly upset by this (I mean, wow... was I writing fast), although I am a little amused and annoyed at just how bad some of it is. That doesn't even count the spelling and countless verbal dyslexic errors. To describe where I am now, have you ever listened to some new song, and this is something I have noted with a lot of orchestral music, where you think the piece is over... only to hear it have a new stanza? And you spend the last few minutes going, "Okay... it's over, this is where I clap-- no, there's more... okay, NOW it's... no... there's more? When does this end?" This is the number one reason I don't "get" free-form jazz, and right now I have my main character on a Hawaiian Island.

Why? I dunno, it seemed like a good idea at 4am.
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