punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,


I have a headache

Ever since Friday morning, my stomach has been out of sorts, and it's still not doing so well. But I got a sinus headache this morning, and it won't go away. I know it will go away if I sleep, but every time a try, the phone rings, a cat knocks something over, or another noise keeps me from peacefully slumbering. I had planned to go to IKEA and the Lego store today, but maybe tomorrow.

Maybe while I am crabby, I should not review TCEP except to say it was a wasteland of dreck and the fools that went will burn if a fiery hell... just kidding :-P. I was kind of pissed off I couldn't be there for the whole thing, if anything, to hang out with people. I won't list them all, but I DID get to see fadedblackrose and her dad, who I have known since probably as far back as 1984, as well as another well-known FanTek person, my old friend/roommate, Liska. Then there were the usual people, like Craig (but no Tad!), stevonwolf (didn't *I* introduce you to fandom in the 80s?), Amber, Chuck, Gorm, Dave, Erin, Tammy, Gopher, Creon, Frank and Mouse (with Bridget and Frank Jr), Stoo, and a list of other people I won't list because I have a headache, but I don't love you any less, honest. And some people who know me and I forgot their names. And then those where we don't know one another at all, which sometimes turn out to be new friends... providing I stay more than a few hours.

But I had no hotel room, I wasn't feeling my 100%, and then there was this card someone made in Fluxx called "Snack Time" where I got sent to the con suite to fetch food for the card holder. So if anyone asks, I am going to say that card made me leave. Yeah. The card! You asshats! Screw Gorm's pants!

I still wish I could have stayed :(.
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