punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Cool in concept, bad in practice

Yeah, if I had $9,000 (including digital sound upgrade and shipping) and I didn’t need bridgework, hearing aids, LASIK, or various important house repairs... and I had someplace to store the thing the rest of the year... this would KICK ASS every Halloween:


For about the same amount, I could have a huge lawn spider.


Adding our optional Spyder Decendor Rig allows our hanging Spyder to flip tail over head to descend 10’ feet into Attack position, with Fangs, Feelers, and legs thrashing towards your patrons heads. Depending upon available space Spyder can also be made to travel 8’ towards your patrons.

I suspect this is why I am not rich. God knows I would be quick into the “more money than sense” pool. But shee-it! I am whimpering in raw avarice at the coolness this would bring to my front lawn for one day a year!
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