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I know I haven't been as verbal as normal, but I haven't been well lately. My tummy is out of sorts, I have been bedridden for the last day or so, and that's all I am going to say about that.

I have written about 109k of my book, but its slowed for a few reasons. The first is I am sick of typing. I have 85% of the book written, about 10% in my head, and the rest of the 5% doesn't seem very hard. I also missed my family a lot, since I was away from them for a while. I just had to take a break. I figure I'll pick up soon, get the first draft done, and then go through the first edit and leave chapters bleeding and wounded in my wake.

SAD has started. It hit me this week like a sack of soggy bricks. I need more sun, chocolate.
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