punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

To be a BIT more upbeat, I thought I tell you about some new foods I have found.

At the British Pantry, I found “Fentiman’s Curiosity Cola,” which was sold to us as, “the British version of Coca-Cola.” Nnnnot really. That’s like saying Dr. Pepper is some alternate version of Coca-cola. This cola has fermented ginger extract, among other things, and of course, uses cane/beet sugar, which is what a lot of European sodas use instead of corn syrup. Really good. It’s a beverage, not a soda. Turn up-ended before pouring. Made in “Newcastle upon Tyne,” which is a pretty fucking British kind of name.

The other, and I have to thank ironkite for finding Skyr (pronounced “skeer”) at Whole Foods. I got some yesterday, in berry and vanilla flavors. It’s... like yogurt... and sour cream, I am told. I hate sour cream, so I couldn’t tell you except it’s not bitter and does not taste like vomit (which is what sour cream tastes like to me). It’s like really, really tart yogurt, and it’s so tart, I wouldn’t advise eating it without some liquid, but I love it. Like a really sweet, tart custard.
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