punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Hmmm... WWFSMD?

Paranoia Test - Would you report him? Paranoia Test - Would you report him?

I saw this on the Metro 2006-09-19. Get got on at Vienna, off at Foggy Bottom. Now... I believe, after reading the label and some of the boxes in that bag, that he was moving a hair care product display that looks like a rocket/bomb to be ha-ha funny. What you can't see from this angle, is that it's wired to a series of batties on the back, and has LEDs that I am sure flash on and off. I did not report him, but I wondered if anyone else would have...?
This whole incident had playing in the background, "Report any suspicious activity to a Metro officer..." I am resentful the mood in America has let me slip into this paranoia, and ashamed that I even questioned myself on what to do.

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