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This week on "Korean Deli..."

The Korean-run deli in our building is so popular now, they hired two new girls. This is the deli I mention from time to time that is run by some of the friendliest, smiling, bowing Korean women I have ever been served by. Their first new hire about 8 months ago was a slightly jaded-looking Hispanic girl who does not act friendly very much, but she’s not mean. These two newer hires, though... not so nice. Normally, rude and stupid servants are so common in the city food biz that they wouldn’t stand out, but compared to the original staff, boy do they stand out. One of them, a Hispanic girl with an angry face, is dumber than a bag of hair. She never gets my order right, and I don’t ask for anything outside their menu. Here’s the score this week:

Asked for: Bacon, egg, and cheese croissant.
Received: Ham and egg on a toasted English muffin.
Result: I didn’t notice this until I got to my desk, and I didn’t care enough to complain.

Asked for: Bacon, egg, and cheese croissant.
Received: Scrambled eggs and bacon with croissant on side.
Result: I tried twice to correct her, which made her mad, and one of the original staff had to get involved. Girl put croissant in toaster, noticed it didn’t fit, mashed it flat with her hand, put it in the toaster and burned it. The senior staff person made it for me, showing her while the girl complained that’s not what I asked for... right in front of me. Nice.

Asked for: Roast beef and cheese sandwich on wheat.
Received: Roast beef an alfalfa sprouts on white.
Result: I kept saying I wanted Muenster cheese, and she gave me alfalfa sprouts with the look of, “I AM, SEE??” Senior staff corrected her with putting in cheese, girl got mad, again claiming I didn’t ask for cheese, even though I asked for a “roast beef and cheese,” pointed to the menu that said “roast beef and cheese,” and asked for Muenster cheese three times. I still had to eat it with alfalfa sprouts and white bread, which is okay, since I like sprouts, and never knew they had them until now. The bread was not worth arguing about.

I just hate it when people are so stupid they don’t even think to complain and lie about a person when they are right there, though.

The other new girl is Chinese, very young (maybe 18-19), and looks pissed off and angry most of the time. Her biggest problem is she never charges all of what I order. I have to keep pointing out to her she didn’t charge my drink, or banana, or even sandwich. Wow, $2.59 for all this? Woo hoo!

We shall see how this unfolds...
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