punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Little earring lost

So... for Pirate Day, I got a nifty skull and crossbones earring. It didn’t have the “curly spring backer” (there’s probably a proper name for that) like most earrings do; instead it had just a ball. I liked that because it’s comfy. It’s also a bad idea because the ball fell off, and I was to scared to take out the earring until I got home, because I don’t want the hole to grow closed (I had one close in less than a week once). Sadly, even though the earring was tight in there, when I got home, it was gone :(. I wanted to wear it through Halloween, but oh fucking well. I almost got spider ones, but after review, it looked like I had a tick on my earlobe.

Now I have a curly-que fake hematite thing... it looks like a cross between a ring and a bent paperclip. I thought it would look “interesting,” but instead it looks like I have a broken fishhook in my ear. It also catches on my hair, mp3 headphones, and when I tried to sleep on it, it kept poking my head.

I have penguin ones waiting for me. I was going to wear them for winter, but I may just jump the gun and put them in sooner rather than later.

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