punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Black stain of humility turns purple

My bruise is bigger than my hand, but it hurts significantly less. The huge black bruise is starting to turn the same shade of purple that dead people have, which is depressing for reasons my friends know about. The left side of my body is still slightly weaker --enough to be noticable, not enough to be a handicap-- but everything seems to be in order; I’m typing this, for example. Everyone at work asks about it (there were enough witnesses to the crash), and so I will just die of embarrassment, if you don’t mind.

Fat guy breaks office chair: film at 11.

As a diversion, here’s a project to make the comic strip “Marmaduke” actually funny.

Edit: Here's another, which is better. This was so funny, and perhaps the only time where I have seen explaining the joke (which will usually kill a joke right in its tracks) to actually be funnier than the joke itself. My friend Neal had these kinds of problems with "Family Circus," and to this day, you can make him mad by saying. "Not me!!!" Not really...
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