punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

The dying languages

I read this article about a documentary about the Klingon language and the people who speak it. In fandom, I know a few Klingon and Elfish speakers, and I am not saying they are wasting their time, because I am not any sort of judge on how one spends their free time, but Klingon is a made up language on a made up people with a culture and society that is also made up, even though I understand the draw toward the exotic.

So I have a proposal. There are REAL languages out there that are just as obscure and interesting. And they are dying because all the native speakers are dying out and all the young folk are learning the "major" languages so they can communicate with the outside world. Why not adopt one of those languages? I found Scandinavia has a LOT of these languages dying out, and they are peanuts compared to the rest of Europe, Africa, Asia, or the Americas. Instead of Klingon, why not pick up Cornish or Crimean Gothic? Pick up some choice phrases in Navajo or chat in Northern Lappish? Insult someone in Amapá Creole, and they reply rude and saucy in Inupiatun?

The possibilities are endless, and you help rescue an old language.
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