punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

The various goings on with my cats.

Let's see, it's been a while since an update. Like years. Let's start with the oldest to the youngest. If you would, please start the music.

[a scratchy "Pomp and Circumstance" plays from old Victrola]

Thank you.

Storm is now 8 and the oldest after Artoo died in Feb of 2005. She's still bitchy, but in the last few years has been more personable to us. Her history was she was a VERY friendly kitten, but then after leaving a week on a beach trip, because seriously antisocial, we suspect due to separation trauma. She's the only cat I have ever had where I met the mother and also one of her littermates (who is owned by a relative back in West VA). Storm is spending more time with me, something I encourage, even though her fur is rather coarse for a domestic cat. I call her "Crazy West Virginia Mountain Kitty." Cosmo hates her, and often they come to blows.

Thisby is 6. She still spends most of her time under the bed when we're at home, but after I put in the Armarkat thing in the bedroom, she spends some time on that a lot (although flees if anyone stands up or enters the room). I have now finally gotten a few chances to actually hold her for a few seconds. She's really light.

Cosmo is like 4 or 5. He spends his evenings in CR's room, daytime outside the bedroom and about the house. He's pretty quiet to us, but CR says he gets all kitty crazy in his room and breaks things. Cosmo is HUGE, like not fat huge, just BIG. He's the biggest cat we have ever been with. Sometimes he fights with Storm or Taboo, but Taboo and him are just playing.

Latte is maybe 3-ish, we're not sure. As the Meezer of the house, she's the only one that likes people. Still ugly as sin, with pink eyes and a wedge-like head, bad breath, and constant ENT infections. She's taken to sleeping in our bedroom with her butt facing takayla's head. She has finally figured out the dogs don't like her, but still tries to sit on and sleep on top of other cats. She's the loudest purrer as well, but with her constant need for antibiotics, her purrs often gurgle and snort like bad plumbing.

Taboo is about 1 and a half. He did the kitten thing, the teen cat thing, and now is a full adult. He's gotten friendly again, but often sleeps in and around my legs, which is really, really a bad idea. I NEVER sleep well, and toss and turn all the time. If a cat is down there, it gets kicked, pushed off the bed, and all kinds of things, which is bad because Taboo sleeps like the dead. Many times he has gotten kicked the the floor with an undignified THUD like a sack of potatoes because he didn't wake up until he hit the floor.

Five cats is too many. When Artoo died, the only thing that helped ease the burden is that I would only have three cats to clean up after, but the end of the year, I had 5 cats. I did a chart, and the trend is slowly going up. At this rate, I stand to have 10 or 11 cats by 2020, and given the doubling of dogs every four years, that means I'll have 16 dogs by then, too.

Yeesh, I am going to need more cat sand and piddle pads.
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