punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

And more on health...

This is officially the worst bruise I have ever had. It is now larger than the span of my hand, but is rapidly fading from purple to red. The center is thinning out, and I think it's fading and spreading in a ring pattern. I have been hit by a car, and THAT bruise wasn't this bad. It doesn't really even hurt anymore, it's just sore to the touch, hurts a little getting in and out of chairs, but it's definitely improving.

I'd show you all a picture of this... amazing subdermal sunset, but the place is rather private, and no one wants to see THAT part of me on the Internet...

On top of all this, I just got a cold. Only slight fever, but my nose will NOT stop running, and it's also deep in my chest. Again. Can I have a cold that does NOT do this anymore? Did all those bouts with pneumonia a few years ago do THAT much damage? Sheesh...

And takayla has the cold too... :( :(
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