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Man, I am not well. I know I have a fever and those “out of it” spells common to being sick. Comparing it to the last 5 years of being sick, it’s not as bad as when I had the Norwalk virus or pneumonia three different times, but I hate it anyway. My whole body wants to be in a warm bed, and all last night I got paged for stupid stuff, plus takayla was sick all night barfing. She had to call in sick from work today. So I have had 4 hours of severely interrupted sleep on top of being sick, and it’s all I can do to keep it together.

On top of that, some guy screamed at me on the Metro because another guy with a guide dog wanted a place to sit, and I was half-asleep and totally out of it. Not that I have any issues with guide dogs, but often people with the dogs on the Metro stand up so they can straddle their dogs so people don’t step on the ears or paws. The doors opened, a guy with a dog came on, and all I thought was, “Hey, a lab.” Then another well-dressed guy with a Kentucky accent and an American flag pin started screaming for people to give the guy with the dog a seat, looking at me, and all I could think of was, “Why are you screaming?” Yes, I was sitting in one of the “Priority Seats,” and had I had a better presence of mind, I would have realized what this guy was screaming at me for, and stood up. But someone else did before all my wits got collected. So then Kentucky man proceeded to shame me for being fat and lazy, while making the blind man suffer, and how he wished he could live my life of luxury, “stuffing my face with donuts and ignoring the handicapped,” with some choice words about how God judges my kind of morals. But his main point seemed to be I only took the seat because I was fat. I thought of replying the light of his morality was so blinding, I couldn’t see him anymore, but I just kept pretending like he wasn’t there, which was lame, but I was sick and didn’t feel like fighting a crazy religious man. The blind guy, by the way, looked like he wished he could have vanished. He put on his iPod headphones and completely went dormant.

Maybe I'm out of whack, but man, I don't feel THAT fat. Yes, I am fat, but some people on the Metro really take umbrage to it like I am some gargantuan pudding blobbing down the main street and covering cars like a B movie monster. Oh well, what can I say, he was right about giving up the seat, I really should have done so, and I was glad someone else did for him.
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