punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Science fiction... double feature...

Okay, I am trying to be cheerful. I got up and walked around the data center, and had a long chat with my boss about random work stuff. That kind of snapped me out of this cold medicine funk I was in, or at least enough to not pass out due to sheer tiredness.

So, my birthday is coming up. Those used to my mystery parties might be disappointed that I am not doing one this year. I have done them for years; takayla wrote the whole thing each time, and was so worn out by the end, I want her to have a break. You guys have no idea how much work she put into them, and while I was always appreciative, I felt bad I could never get it together enough to return the favor. While she is helping me plan, I will do a lot of the idea work this time around.

My main idea was a Rocky Horror Party. It’s post-Halloween, but you still get to dress up, and we can watch it and shout lines at our big screen TV (I’ll make sure I have a working copy this time around - last RHPS had a bad DVD sector, and we lost most of the “There’s a Light” part). Prizes will be given for best costume, best line, and maybe a few other things.

Eh? Eh? :)
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