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My review of Weird Al’s Newest Album - “Straight Outta Lynwood”

When Al did VH1’s “Behind the Music” a few years ago, he said something to the effect like how people always say he makes a comeback, and he think’s that’s hysterical because just not having an album for 3 years at a time makes everyone think you’re a has-been in the recording industry. So he keeps making a “comeback,” every time he releases a new album. Adult Swim said that who would have known in 1984 that in 22 years, Michael Jackson would be out, and Weird Al would still be cool.

This is a dual-disc format, which means one side is a CD (which may not be compatible in all CD players due to DRM and actual CD thickness), and the other is a DVD with the music in Dolby 5.1, along with six videos (which, sadly, does NOT have “White and Nerdy”).

This album is kind of hit and miss. Some of the hits are awesome, and the rest are... meh. His biggest “repeat” is the huge amount of songs with just lists of stuff in them. And some of them are funny, but after a while, you just think, “Man, this is like reading ‘Mad Magazine’ or something.” I give it a C+, and only because it does have some “laugh-out-loud” moments.

White and Nerdy - Awesome. See the video if you can. A lot of nerd in-jokes, almost in list form.
Pancreas - Not sure where this song was going. Another a cappella-style from Al, and at times, it’s quite good. But the lyrics are... meh.
Canadian Idiot - Spoof of “American Idiot.” Eh, a lot of stereotyping. Nothing special. Uses the word “hoser” which is kind of 1970s.
I’ll Sue Ya - This may be a spoof of something, I am not sure. Kind of an Emo-Seattle type of song about suing people, among with a list of frivolous things. Overdone concept in humor. Yes, Americans sue too much over frivolous stuff.
Polkarama - Yeah. This was cool. Thanks to anyarm, I actually got most of the music references. The ones I liked were Kanye West “Gold Digger” (the PG rated version... shucks), Rihanna’s “Pon du Replay,” Pussycat Doll’s “Don’tcha,” and Wheezer’s “Beverly Hills.”
Virus Alert - I think this would have been funnier had I not heard this one almost ten years ago.
Confessions Part III - Again, I think this is a spoof of a song I haven’t heard. A slow R&B rap list of weird and slightly disgusting confessions that would have been funnier in Cracked Magazine in 1983.
Weasel Stomping Day - I shouldn’t like this song, but I do. In the style of “Harvey the Wonder Hamster,” it’s about animal abuse in its highest form. The video debuted on Robot Chicken two weekends ago in claymation goodness.
Close But No Cigar - A picky man’s list of things that he dismisses things by. Meh. Again, another “list of things” song.
Do I Creep You Out - This is almost exactly like “Confessions Part III,” but is more of a spiritual-ballad like song.
Trapped in the Drive-Thru - This is pretty funny. Maybe has a slow R&B feel to it. It’s like a stream of consciousness conversation between a boyfriend and girlfriend going out to eat. It’s like a better version of Dana Carvey’s “Choppin’ Broccoli,” with a feel like “Biggest ball of Twine in Minnesota.” A bit too long, and needs a repeat chorus.
Don’t Download this Song - This was the first he pre-released, and it was downloadable. The video is made by Bill Plympton, and I didn’t care for it, but I love the lyrics. I can’t tell if he’s being ironic, but since you could download the song from his site, I think so. It has a “We Are the World” feel to it.
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