punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Weekend in October

This weekend went by pretty fast. There were three events worth noting.

Kenny (Lull) is back. He moved to LA in 2001, and came back because he got tired of it. I keep telling people how phoney LA is, and no one listens to me. Maybe they’ll listen to Kenny. His life in Tinsel Town consisted of working with makeup on a studio effects company (worked on Underworld), did some bit parts, and was the assistant photo editor of Playboy for a few years. He’s done that now, and he’s through with it. I’ll spare you asking, “Why the hell did you leave?” Job titles are not all they are cracked up to be, LA sucks with traffic and price of living, and there are few “real” friends to be had anywhere. He didn’t have a bad time, he just is finished now. He’s come back to party with us, and resurrect some of the old FanTek pals to maybe gather enough to make a small TCEP-like event or two. I fully support him in this endeavor.

joeanon and ninjacooter? He wants to get in touch with you. No, this isn’t the Kenny with the psychotic sister.

I also saw the Heares. Had a good evening with all six of them.

Sunday, I took CR to Tysons corner. We wandered around, and talked about stuff. Tysons has really changed since I was a kid. I mean, it’s barely recognizable. When I was a kid, it was a lot darker. It had drapes staggered around the ceiling to dampen noise and diffuse the already dim lighting. Many exposed surfaces were a dark pebbly material that was common to malls back then. I mean, you knew you were indoors. It had a Woolworths and Woodward and Lothrop: none of those are there anymore. I would say only a few remaining anchor stores are there now, and maybe one or two hangovers from the 80s. But now It’s more than doubled in size, and added a partial third floor with a theater complex and second food court. It’s all white, open, airy, with palm trees and skylights. Reminds me of a late 80s version of Rodeo Drive in some places. The mall started its first transformation back in 1988 when I moved from McLean. Then it went under some more renovations in the mid 90s, and apparently went through yet another makeover just a few years ago.

Sometimes, when I wander through the modernness and pass by a hallway or two, I remember a Farrell’s Ice Cream Parlor next to an NTI Cenima 4. Sullivan’s Toy Store where I got a lot of toys, and Monte’s, when I got a lot of toys when I was older. There was a Spenser’s gifts, with a naughty section, and an ancient Chinese Restaurant and Polynesian Bar with a huge green Chinese gate around it. Anyone remember he Magic Pan? Lums? Roths Super 8? Doctor X pets?

I’m old.
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